Resale Buying Policy:

Non-Clothing Items:

Manufacturered within 5 years, at buyers discretion if manufactured within 5-10 years. No stains, excessive fading, broken pieces or missing parts. Must include working batteries, otherwise battery fees will be included in offer .  Any items requiring cleaning will have a cleaning fee applied.


How Much Will You Receive?

Based on the estimated resale value determined by Caterkids, you can expect to receive up to 50% of the selling price!
You are never obligated to our offer, you can accept or decline, we are here to offer you a fair offer.  Please let us know if you have any concerns as we value your opinion.
Clothing/Footwear & Accessories:   up to 30% Cash  or 45% Store Credit
Small Toys, Books, DVDs & CDs:  30% - 40%  Cash or Store Credit
Large toys, Baby Gear & Furniture:  up to 50%  Cash or Store Credit

Clothing & Footwear Items:


Selling Hours:

Due to Covid-19 we have made some chancges to our selling hours including changes to the buying process.  Selling is now by appointment to comply with social distancing guidelines and maintain minimal contact.  Please review the below information and contact us should you have any questions.  Mahalo!

Selling baby gear or other non-clothing:

Submit pictires with asking prices (if applicatble) by email, Instagram or Facebook.  The buyers will communicate with you to settle on prices so there are no surprises with how much you will receive, then schedule a time that works  for you to drop them off.

Selling Clothing:

Contact us via email, Instagram or Facebook requesting an appointment.  We'll send you a short checklist (it's the pic below but only available to view on our website) to review and get an appointment set for you.